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Technology leader and people focused investor

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Optimistic and open, I'm always looking for something new


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About Me

Currently employed at Focusrite Audio Engineering, I've managed a 20+ strong engineering team, created countless products, developed software, firmware and apps. We've grown by a factor of ten while I've been here, so I've lived through the challenges of scaling a successful company!  I now manage product innovation, focused on building the right products.

Previously, I worked in games development at two failed startups, where I saw first hand that a great team and a great idea still isn't enough for success. I studied Physics at UCL, graduating in 2001.  

As a software engineer I'm on the hacker end of the spectrum, getting results fast.

I play lots of musical instruments, all of them badly, and I love being a dad.

My Goals

I’ve got a particular soft spot for projects that make life more fun, especially in music and games. The human side of product development has always given me the most pleasure. If I'm creating something with wonderful people, I'm happy.
Novation Launchpad
Really rather a lot of fun
Me, as seen by daughter
Aged 3
Obligatory quadcopter
Crashed this a *lot*


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